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VMware Desktop and App Virtualization Fundamentals

The Horizon Portfolio consists of two different technologies; Horizon and Horizon Cloud.

Horizon – Desktop and App

Horizon is deployed on-premises are using. VMware offers packages with virtual desktops, published applications, or a combination of both. And, VMware now offers Horizon technology in the public cloud as well.

Horizon Cloud

Horizon Cloud is a Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS solution. Horizon Cloud also offers both virtual desktops and published apps technology, which is offered as-a-Service in the public cloud.

Benefits of Horizon

Delivery Desktops and Applications through a Single Platform
Simplifies Desktop and Application Management
Secure Data and Simplifies Compliance
Dramatically Improves ROI

What is VMware Horizon

Horizon Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture

In a hybrid architecture, organizations might start out with the VMware Horizon and vSphere infrastructure servers residing on-premises, while the management control plane is a cloud service. This strategy is especially useful for many of today’s most urgent use cases including work from home, business continuity, real-time bursting, disaster recovery, and high availability.

Just-in-Time Desktops and Apps

VMware just-in-time technologies are able to decouple each aspect of a desktop to allow it to be managed on a per-user or per-group basis. Each component of the desktop is virtualized and managed centrally rather than separately, as is done in a traditional distributed per-VM approach.

End-User Components

VMware Horizon Client software is available from app stores or from VMware for iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, Linux, and macOS so that users can access published applications and VDI desktops from any device.

Horizon Apps

Horizon Apps gives end users quick and easy access to all of their published apps, SaaS apps, and mobile apps through a single unified workspace.

Benefits of Horizon Apps

Delivers Published Apps to the Digital Workspace

Publish business-critical Windows apps alongside SaaS and mobile apps – and tie them all together in a unified digital workspace with single sign-on (SSO) authentication.

Supports a Rich, Adaptive User Experience

Increase employee productivity by providing access to published apps and data – with a consistently great user experience across devices, locations, media, and connections.

Secures Data and Simplifies Compliance

Securely deploy apps in the data center and consolidate control, delivery, and protection through a centralized management platform with policies that dynamically adapt to the end user’s computing environment.

Simplifies Application Management

Deliver Just-in-Time apps for radically simple image management, quick scaling, and zero downtime. Horizon Apps provides simple and powerful real-time user and group policy controls at the push of a button.

Horizon Cloud

VMware Horizon Cloud enables the delivery of cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere, from a single cloud control plane.

Benefits of Horizon Cloud

Cross-Cloud Architecture

Horizon Cloud provides a multi-tenant, cloud-scale architecture that enables you to choose where virtual desktops and apps reside: VMware – managed cloud, BYO cloud, or both.

Clear Path to the Future

Leverage the extensive VMware End-User Computing portfolio to transition your virtual desktops and apps to the cloud on your terms and maximize current investments.

Digital Workspace Experience

Horizon Cloud makes it easier than ever for end users to securely access their digital workspace on any device, anytime, anywhere. Cost and Complexity Redefined Horizon Cloud radically transforms traditional desktop and application virtualization with a subscription model that lets you pay as you grow.

Horizon Integrates into Workspace ONE

In addition, Horizon integrates with Workspace ONE through Workspace ONE Access (formerly VMware Identity Manager) on a common identity framework to provide a single catalog for accessing Windows applications and desktops, as well as software-as-a-service or SaaS, web, cloud, and native mobile applications. Workspace ONE is a simple and secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages any app on any device. Workspace ONE integrates identity, application, and enterprise mobility management while also delivering feature-rich virtual desktops and applications.

It is available either as a cloud service or for on-premises deployment. The platform is composed of several components: Workspace ONE UEM, VMware Access, VMware Horizon, and the Workspace ONE productivity apps, which are supported on most common mobile platforms.

Key Features of Horizon

Delivers Applications and Desktops Automatically and in Real-Time Simplifies Management Across Hybrid Cloud Tasks

Keeps Sensitive Data Safe and Enforce Endpoint Compliance Provides End Users a Rich, Personalized Experience From Any Device and Any Location Provides Users a Desktop That Can Never Die.

Design Methodology

To ensure a successful deployment, it is important to follow a proper design methodology, like the one shown here.

Understand the business requirements, reasons, and objectives for undertaking the project.

Identify the needs of the users and organize these needs into use cases with understood requirements.

Align and map those use cases to a set of integrated services provided by Workspace ONE and Horizon

Horizon Components

  • VMware Horizon Connection Server
  • VMware Unified Access Gateway
  • VMware Dynamic Environment Manager
  • Workspace ONE Access
  • VMware Instant Clone Technology
  • RDSH Servers
  • Enrollment Server
  • Cloud Connector