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Horizon Installation – Installing Replicated Connection Server

After the installed the Horizon Connection Server, to provide high availability and load balancing, you can install one or more additional instances of Connection Server that replicate an existing Connection Server instance. After a replica installation, the existing and newly installed instances of Connection Server are identical.

Domain: vtechsummary.local
Main Connection Server: vts-consrv.vtechsummary.local
Replica Connection Server: vts-repconsrv.vtechsummary.local

Prerequisites for Replica Connection Server

Verify that at least one Connection Server instance is installed and configured on the network.

To install the replicated instance, you must log in as a user with the Administrator role.

If the existing Connection Server instance is in a different domain than the replicated instance, the domain user must also have Administrator privileges on the Windows Server computer where the existing instance is installed.

Verify that the computers on which you install replicated Connection Server instances are connected over a high-performance LAN.

Install Horizon Replica Connection Server

Step 01. To install a new Replica Server, run the Connection Server installer and click Next to begin the installation.

Step 02. Accept the VMware license terms.

Step 03. Accept or Change the destination folder.

Step 04. Select the Horizon Replica Server installation option.

Step 05. Make sure that Install HTML Access is selected if you intend to allow users to connect to their desktops by using a Web browser. (HTML Access is not supported in an IPv6 environment)

Step 06- Select the Internet Protocol (IP) version, IPv4 or IPv6

Step 07. Enter the Hostname or IP Address of the existing Connection Server instance you are replicating.

Step 08- Click Install to complete the wizard and install Connection Server.

Step 09. Wait a few minutes until the installation will be complete.

Finally, after the installation is completed, Horizon Admin Console automatically adds to the desktop. Click Finish.

Now, we have a Connection Server and a Replica Server. If you login into the Connection Server, you can see both the Connection Server in the administration console.