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Horizon Installation – Add vCenter Server to VMware Horizon

To use vCenter Server with VMware Horizon, you must also configure a user account with appropriate vCenter Server privileges. You can create a vCenter Server role with the appropriate privileges and assign that role to the vCenter Server user account.

Configure a vCenter Server User for VMware Horizon

Step 01. In vSphere Web Client, click the menu icon and then click Administration.

Step 02. In the Roles node, click New to add a Role.

Step 03. Give the new role a Name.

Step 04. On the left, click Cryptographic operations and enable Clone, Decrypt, Direct Access, Encrypt, and Manage KMS. Scroll down and also enable Migrate and Register host.

Step 05. On the left, click Datastore and enable Allocate space and Browse datastore.

Step 06. On the left, click Folder and enable Create folder, and Delete folder.

Step 07. On the left, click Global and enable Act as vCenter Server, Disable Methods, and Enable Methods, then scroll down enable Manage custom attributes, and Set custom attribute.

Step 08. On the left, click Host and in the Configuration section, enable Advanced Settings. Then scroll down to the Inventory section and click Modify cluster.

Step 09. On the left, click Network and enable Assign network.

Step 10. If you use vSAN, On the left, click Profile-driven storage and enable all options under it.

Step 11. On the left, click Resource and enable Assign virtual machine to resource pool, and Migrate powered on virtual machine.

Step 12. On the left, click Virtual Machine, and click Change Configuration to enable all Configuration permissions. Scroll down and enable Move, Register, and Unregister.

Still, in Virtual Machine scroll down to the Interaction section, enable Connect devices, and then click See more privileges. Scroll down and enable Perform wipe or shrink operations, Power off, Power on, Reset and Suspend.

Still, in Virtual Machine scroll down to the Provisioning section and enable Allow disk access, Clone template, and Clone virtual machine. Then click See more privileges and enable Customize guest, Deploy template, and Read customization specifications.

Still, in Virtual Machine and click Snapshot Management to enable all Snapshot permissions, then Click Create.

Assign role to the service account

Create an account in Active Directory or vCenter Directory (vsphere.local) that Horizon will use to login to vCenter.

Under the Administration, Click on Users and Groups. On the right in the Users tab, select your domain and click on ADD.

In the Add User wizard, fill Username and Password then click ADD.

In vSphere Web Client, in the Hosts and Clusters view, click the vCenter object. On the right, select the tab Permissions.
Click the ADD to add permission.

In the Add Permission dialog box, change the Domain, and Select the Service Account, Change the Role to the one you created in the previous section, Check the box next to Propagate to children, and then click OK.

vCenter Connection

Step 01. To add the vCenter Server in Horizon Console expand Settings, click Servers and in the vCenter Servers tab, click Add.

Step 02. In the vCenter Information, in the Server address field, enter the FQDN of the vCenter server, in the User Name field, enter the previously created account that Horizon will use to login to vCenter and also enter the service account’s password. Click Next.
If you see a message regarding an invalid certificate, click View Certificate. Then click Accept.

Step 03. On the Storage page, Reclaim VM disk space: requires IOPS during its operation. It’s only useful for the rare persistent Instant Clones use case and thus is generally unchecked.

Enable View Storage Accelerator and Check the box to increase the host cache size up to 32768.

Click Next and Submit.