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Horizon Installation – Add Domain to VMware Horizon

Before you deploy instant clones, you must create a user account that has permission to perform certain operations in Active Directory.
Select this account when you add an instant-clone domain administrator before deploying instant-clone desktop pools.

Active Directory Delegation for Instant Clones

Step 01. Create an OU in Active Directory where the Horizon Agent Computer Objects want to store.

Step 02. In Active Directory Users & Computers, right-click the Horizon OU, and click Delegate Control. Click Next.

Step 03. In the Users or Groups, Add the Active Directory service account for Instant Clones. Click Next.

Step 04. In the Tasks to Delegate, select Create a custom task to delegate, and click Next.

Step 05. In the Active Directory Object Type, select Only the following objects in the folder, then check the boxes to Create select objects in this folder and Delete selected objects in this folder. Click Next.

Step 06. In the Permissions, check the boxes to Read All Properties, Write All Properties, and Reset Password. Click Next and Finish.

Step 07. Login to the Horizon Administration console.

Step 08. On the left, under the Setting menu select the Domain option and click on the Add button.

Step 09. Fill in the Username and Password for the Active directory service account.