Virtual Desktop in Horizon – Creating a VM for Cloning

We can create a pool of desktop machines by cloning a vCenter Server VM. Before we create the desktop pool, we need to prepare and configure this VM, which is used to spawn cloned virtual desktops. For instant-clone desktop pools, the base image is called a golden image. For full-clone desktop pools, the base image is called a Template VM.

Create a Virtual Machine in vSphere

We can create a virtual machine in vSphere from scratch or by cloning an existing VM.

Step 01. Log in to vSphere Client.

Step 02. Right-click any inventory object (datacenter, folder, cluster or host) and select New Virtual Machine.

Step 03. Select Create a new virtual machine and click Next.

Step 04. Provide a name in the VM Name field.

Step 05. On the Storage tab, select a datastore where you would like to store the VM.

Step 06. On the Customize hardware tab, select Virtual Hardware:

  • On  CD/DVD drive option set the media type to use an ISO image file, select the ISO image file of an appropriate operating system, and select Connect at power on.
  • Make sure the virtual desktop is using a SCSI controller.
  • The virtual desktop should be configured with a VMXNET 3 network adapter.

Click Next, then Finish to create the virtual machine.

Install a Guest Operating System