How to Deploy VMware vRealize Operation Manager 8.x – Part 2

In the previous post, we deployed the vROPs and configured a password for the Root user and now we want to connect the vROPs through a web browser and do basic Configuration.

Step 01. Open a web browser and type the vROPs IP address after that you will see the below figure and select an Option you need. We select the New Installation and continue.

Step 02. In continuation, we create a New Cluster in this Node as the Master Node. Use this option is when installing for the first time. Click Next.

Step 03. Set the Administrator account credential and don’t forget the username is admin and it is a local user.

Step 04. In this step, we accept the Default Certificate but in the other post, we will replace the certificate for the vROPs environment.

Step 05. Enter a Name for Cluster Master Node and also you can add Time Server in this step, then click on Next.

Step 06. You can configure Availability for vROPs with two different modes, but we will enable that in the other post.

Step 07. Click Finish to Start the Cluster and begin to configuration vROPs.

Step 08. After preparing Node for first use, the Start vRealize Operation option will be active, then click that.

Step 09. After the operation is finished, automatically you will see the vROPs Login page. Login with admin credential.

Step 10. In this step, we start the last steps of the vROPs install configuration. Click Next.

Step 11. Enter your License key and click on Validate, if that will Valid click on Next.

Step 12.  Click Finish to begin installing and configuring the solution.

Congratulations, Your vROPs successfully deployed.

The End.


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