How to Get Started with VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon enables a digital workspace with the efficient delivery of virtual desktops and applications that equips workers anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With deep integration into the VMware technology ecosystem, the platform offers an agile cloud-ready foundation, modern best-in-class management, and end-to-end security that empowers today’s Anywhere Workspace.


When you decided to implement the VDI environment with VMware Horizon, you can use the below steps to start and complete that.

Step01. Set up the required administrator users and groups in Active Directory.

Step02. If you have not yet done so, install and set up VMware ESXi servers and vCenter Server.

Step03. Install and set up Horizon Connection Server.

Step04. Configure SSL certificates for Horizon servers.

Step05. Complete the initial set-up of your Horizon environment.

Step06. Create desktop pools that run on virtual desktop machines.

  • Create one or more virtual machines that can be used as a template VM for full-clone desktop pools.
  • To create an instant-clone desktop pool
  • To create a full-clone desktop pool
  • To create a manual desktop pool

Step07. Create desktop and application pools that run on session-based Remote Desktop Services (RDS) hosts.

  • Prepare RDS hosts to support desktop and application sessions.
  • Create one or more farms.
  • Create application pools.
  • Create published desktop pools.

Step08. Control user access to desktops and applications.

Step09. Install Horizon Client on end user’s machines and mobile devices and have end-users access their remote desktops and applications.

After completing all steps you have a good VDI environment and we will share a lot of posts for all these steps in the blog.

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