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My full name is Behzad Hassanzadeh but you can call me Behzad, I was Born in 1992 in Tabriz a city in the North of Iran. I have around 10 years of experience in IT. I started my work as a Network and System Administrator and I have good experience in Network Infrastructure since 5 years ago I work in Virtualization Infrastructures with VMware and Citrix productions and my Network experience really helped me in virtualization infrastructure. Also, I’m VMware and Cisco Certified and Honored to be selected as VMware vExpert from 2021 until now. I came in 2022 to Munich, Germany and I work as a VMware Solution Engineer in Boston Servers and Storage.

In February 2023 I decided to create a YouTube channel and publish videos about Virtualization technology, talk about VMware production, and other things.

Until now there are more than 100 videos about the VMware vSphere 8 ICM course and VDI course with VMware Horizon 8 but in these videos, I spoke in my mother tongue Persian, and from now on I want to publish the videos in English too and I will write in the title which video is in English and which one is in Persian.

I hope the vTechSummary channel helps you to improve your skills in your work environment and If you enjoy this channel please share and subscribe for more content.