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Virtual Desktop in Horizon – Creating a VM for Cloning

We can create a pool of desktop machines by cloning a vCenter Server VM. Before we create the desktop pool, we need to prepare and configure this VM, which is used to spawn cloned virtual desktops. For instant-clone desktop pools, the base image is called a golden image. For full-clone desktop pools, the base image is called a Template VM. […]

Introduction to Virtual Desktops in Horizon

With Horizon, you can create desktop pools that include thousands of virtual desktops. You can deploy desktops that run on virtual machines (VMs) or manage access to desktops that run on non-vSphere machines or physical machines. Create one VM as a golden image, and Horizon can generate a pool of virtual desktops from that image. The golden image is also […]

Horizon Installation – Configuring Event Reporting

You can create an event database to record information about VMware Horizon events. Prepare an SQL Server Database for Event Reporting Step 01. Log in to the SQL Server and connect to SQL. Step 02. In SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on Database and select New Database. Step 03. Fill in the name a Name for the database (HCSEVENT) andleave […]

Horizon Installation – Add Domain to VMware Horizon

Before you deploy instant clones, you must create a user account that has permission to perform certain operations in Active Directory.Select this account when you add an instant-clone domain administrator before deploying instant-clone desktop pools. Active Directory Delegation for Instant Clones Step 01. Create an OU in Active Directory where the Horizon Agent Computer Objects want to store. Step 02. […]

Horizon Installation – Add vCenter Server to VMware Horizon

To use vCenter Server with VMware Horizon, you must also configure a user account with appropriate vCenter Server privileges. You can create a vCenter Server role with the appropriate privileges and assign that role to the vCenter Server user account. Configure a vCenter Server User for VMware Horizon Step 01. In vSphere Web Client, click the menu icon and then […]

Horizon Installation – Replace SSL Certificate

A default TLS server certificate is generated when you install Connection Server instances. You can use the default certificate for testing purposes. Certificates used for communication between Connection Servers and also between Horizon Agents and Connection Server instances, are replaced using an automatic mechanism, and cannot be replaced manually. Horizon Connection Server y default, when you install Connection Server, the […]

Horizon Installation – Installing Replicated Connection Server

After the installed the Horizon Connection Server, to provide high availability and load balancing, you can install one or more additional instances of Connection Server that replicate an existing Connection Server instance. After a replica installation, the existing and newly installed instances of Connection Server are identical. Domain: vtechsummary.localMain Connection Server: vts-consrv.vtechsummary.localReplica Connection Server: vts-repconsrv.vtechsummary.local Prerequisites for Replica Connection Server […]

Horizon Installation – Installing Connection Server

Depending on the performance, availability, and security needs of your VMware Horizon deployment, you can install a single instance of Connection Server and replicated instances of Connection Server. Prerequisites for Horizon Connection Server You must have a valid license for VMware Horizon.You must join the Connection Server to an Active Directory domain.Do not install Connection Server on systems that have […]

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Mware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure provides the ability to pair their existing Microsoft Azure infrastructure with the Horizon Cloud Service to deliver feature-rich virtual desktops and applications. Horizon Cloud uses a purpose-built cloud platform that is scalable across multiple deployment options, including fully managed infrastructure from VMware and public cloud infrastructure from Microsoft Azure. The service supports a […]

VMware Desktop and App Virtualization Fundamentals

The Horizon Portfolio consists of two different technologies; Horizon and Horizon Cloud. Horizon – Desktop and App Horizon is deployed on-premises are using. VMware offers packages with virtual desktops, published applications, or a combination of both. And, VMware now offers Horizon technology in the public cloud as well. Horizon Cloud Horizon Cloud is a Desktop-as-a-Service or DaaS solution. Horizon Cloud […]